Tutorial - Before you start

Make sure you have followed the Granitic installation instructions

Starting points for tutorials

These tutorials are designed to be followed in sequence, but if you’d like to skip ahead, a GitHub repository is available containing working start points for each of the tutorials. Different versions of the tutorial source code are provided for those who prefer to work with JSON configuration files and those who prefer YAML.

The step-by-step tutorials that follow all use JSON as the example format.

Checking out the tutorials repository

You can clone the tutorials repo to any location on your local machine. In the example below we have cloned the repo to ~/grnc-tutorial

cd ~
git clone https://github.com/graniticio/tutorial.git grnc-tutorial

Using an IDE with the tutorials

It is recommended you use your IDE to open either the json or yaml folder in the tutorials repo you checked out above. This means you will have all of the tutorials visible in a single project.

Notes for Windows users

The tutorials use UNIX conventions for file paths and environment variables. You will need to adapt the tutorials as you go. Remember:

  • Replace / characters in paths with
  • Replace $VARNAME with %VARNAME% when dealing with environment variables
  • Omit the leading ./ when running your compiled programmes (e.g. service rather than ./service)
  • mkdir on Windows does not need a -p switch to create missing directories


The first tutorial will show you how to build a simple web-service using Granitic and Go