Installing Granitic


  • Go 1.11 or later
  • Git

It is highly recommended that you have installed Go according to the standard Go installation instructions and have set your GOPATH environment variable correctly.

Note for Windows users

The below instructions were tested on Windows 10 having followed the Go MSI installation instructions for Windows

You must set the GOPATH environment variable and have the Git command line tools installed and configured to work with Command Prompt

Installing and testing

Installing the current version of Granitic

Open a terminal and run:

go get

Install the support tools

Open a terminal and run:

cd $GOPATH/src/

Testing your installation

The following commands make use of all the environment variables and some of the support tools used when developing Granitic applications.

UNIX-type operating systems

Open a terminal and run:

cd /tmp
grnc-project install-test
cd install-test
go build


cd %GOPATH%\src
grnc-project install-test
cd install-test
go build service.go

If your installation has been successful, you’ll see command line output similar to:

04/Jan/2019:11:14:19 Z INFO  grncInit Starting components
04/Jan/2019:11:14:19 Z INFO  grncInit Ready (startup time 1.749365ms)

You can stop the program with CTRL+C and can safely delete the /tmp/install-test folder.


If you have problems installing or running the support tools. Make sure that:

  • Your GOPATH environment variable is set correctly and contains a folder called bin or the GOBIN environment variable is set.
  • Your PATH variable includes $GOPATH/bin or $GOBIN

Next steps

For more information on developing Granitic applications, please work through the tutorials