Creating a Granitic project

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The grnc-project tool

Granitic includes a command line utility called grnc-project that automates the creation of new Granitic projects that can be immediately built and started. You can build this tool by running:

  go install

As long as your $GOPATH/bin folder is in your $PATH, you will be able to run this tool from any folder

Creating a project

Granitic fully supports Go modules. You can create your application project in any folder by running:

  grnc-project your-project-name

This will create a folder called your-project-name with a skeleton entry point file (service.go), go.mod file, component definition file and configuration file.

Module name

The Go module name assigned in the generated go.mod file is, by default the same as your project name. You can override this by running:

  grnc-project your-project-name module-name

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